Sunday, January 1, 2019

Closed for HolidaysSo here’s the deal…

Granted, I had these grandiose plans to re-start this blog the first thing in the new year. But that was before I realized that New Year’s Day comes the morning after New Year’s Eve.

Now this blog posting job doesn’t pay all that much and I think it also requires me to obtain Obamacare, but the one perk it does have with it is holidays off for Management.. Fortunately, that’s precisely my job title.

And since last night was, indeed, New Year’s Eve, I’m also blaming 2020’s leaving abruptly in a maze of Delaware River fireworks, champagne, a silly New Year’s hat, and probably too many adult beverages for my needing to take the holiday off.

Nevertheless, if you need me, please be kind enough to whisper and, if not, I’ll see you back here soon and we’ll open the blog for real.

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